Becasso is a combined paint/image processing application for the BeOS, featuring layers, full alpha channel support, simple and no-nonsense user interface, (in English, French, German, Italian, Danish, and Croatian), an orthogonal toolset and powerful selection handling. For more information (and the on-line documentation) click here. This web site also features on-line Becasso tutorials.

Becasso version 2.3 retails for US$29 and is available through BeBits. For registering, we use

There is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Becasso.


Surgeon is an application to simplify creating and modifying Person files. In such, it is (very!) similar to the People application coming with the BeOS since PR2, but offers extra functionality over People.

In fact the lack of such a People application in PR1 was the very reason Surgeon was conceived. Surgeon is freeware and is available for download here.


Summon is a Tracker add-on which opens a Terminal with the current directory set to the directory displayed in the Tracker window it was called from. Summon is freeware and is available for download here.


TabletDriver is an input_server add-on which enables the use of Wacom graphic tablets from the PenPartner and UltraPad series (serial versions only) and Graphire (serial and USB). It is included with Becasso and allows pressure-sensitive drawing.