Becasso 2.3 is out! Available on BeBits now!
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Becasso by Sum offers all the tools you need for your creative expression. Alpha channel and layering support, and a clear and no-nonsense user interface that doesn't get in your way and only shows what you want it to.
Doubling as an image processing application, Becasso uses an add-on interface with public API so everybody can design their own filters, transformers and generators for image enhancement, subtle color control, or the most outrageous effects. Be sure to check back here regularly for the latest add-on packs!
Using the Translation Kit, Becasso allows you to import and export in any file format there is a datatype handler for. TIFF, Targa, JPEG, PNG, GIF, EPS, Photoshop, to name but a few. New filetype translators are being developed at a steady rate.


Have look at the on-line documentation...

Orthogonal interface: All the tools can be used both for drawing and for selecting. That means complete freedom of the selection shape: Patterned shapes, fuzzy selections with the brush tool, even selections in the shape of text!

Extensive toolset: Brush, Eraser, Fill, Text, Spray Can, Freehand, Lines, Free Shapes, Polygons, Rectangles, Ovals, Circles, and Ellipses. Remember - each of these tools can be used to mark a selection!

Alpha channel support: Becasso offers full alpha channel support, and transparency is preserved when exporting to formats that support alpha channel. The bundled GIF Translator offers an adjustable transparency threshold.

Layers: Facilitating the creation of several effects like drop shadows enormously, layers have become an indespensable feature of any serious paint/imaging application. Becasso offers a clear interface to layers, allowing you to hide, rearrange, duplicate and insert layers easily. Of course, the layer thumbnails are updated in real time as you draw.

Add-on interface: Filters, transformers and generators are implemented as add-ons. This means you can add new effects as they become available, simply by dropping them in the appropriate folder. The add-on interface offers extensive features such as real-time updating of a preview of an effect - no more guessing after the optimal settings.
The API is public, so you could write your own add-ons for Becasso!

Color Selection: Offering the most popular color models, RGB and HSV, Becasso allows for easy and intuitive color selection. Becasso can save and load palettes and even generate the most frequently used palettes for you, including full C, M, Y, and K palettes. Additionally, Becasso accepts (and generates!) standard color drops.

What others say: Becasso has received good reviews in magazines like Dream (French), PC Plus (English), and MacPower (Japanese).

availability & pricing
Becasso 2.0 is priced at an incredible US$29. That's right, twenty-nine US dollars. This includes all 2.x updates for free.

There is also a demo version available (also at BeBits) which is fully functional apart from saving and exporting. Saved images will have a watermark printed across them.

Once you register the application at, you will be sent an electronic keyfile which will unlock the full application. Files you saved during your evaluation period can be loaded in Becasso, and when you save them again, the watermark is gone!

For more information, questions, comments or feature requests, don't hesitate to contact us!