June 28, 2003
Sum Software releases Becasso 2.3. As usual, it is available at BeBits. This version sports a better color selector by using a new HSV conversion algorithm, remembers your filter settings, allows setting and querying filter parameters through standard BeOS scripting, and even allows applying filters via scripting (people are using this to do automatic bulk de-interlacing of DV frames, for example). Of course, this uses the new De-Interlace add-on (with interpolation and masking). Also new is a "recent sizes" pop-up in the Create New Canvas dialog (which Becasso remembers across restarts). Also new is preliminary Wacom Intuos support in the included TabletDriver. A few more new features and bug fixes makes this a must-have update!
October 19, 2002
Becasso 2.2 is out! It is available at BeBits. Becasso 2.2 fixes a problem in the undo mechanism introduced in 2.1 and includes Russian interface translation.
October 13, 2002
Becasso 2.1 is out! It is available at BeBits. Becasso 2.1 fixes a few bugs in Becasso 2.0 and offers new functionality as well.
December 21, 2001
Becasso 2.0 is out! It is available at BeBits. Since BeBits.com have closed down their e-store, we have moved online registration handling to Kagi.com. We have decided to make Becasso 2.0 a free upgrade for all existing Becasso 1.x users; for the rest of you, Becasso can be registered for only 29 US dollars. The PowerPC version is still free!
March 11, 2001
The PowerPC version of Becasso 1.5 is now available. And it's free! If you're running BeOS on a PowerMac (or clone) or an original BeBox, you do not need to buy a Keyfile. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more details.
January 9, 2001
Becasso 1.5 is out! It is now for sale at BeBits for 29 US dollars. The x86 version is available right now; the PowerPC version is expected to ship shortly.
December 16, 2000
The San Francisco Zeum has upgraded their hands-on multimedia production lab to version 2.0, incorporating newer versions of the custom Adamation software, and Becasso 1.5.
November 18, 2000
Sum Software have made a port of Aladdin Ghostscript 6.01 to BeOS R5 x86, continuing the work of Jake Hamby who did the port of Ghostscript 5.5. Ghostscript is a Postscript renderer allowing you to print PS files on a non-PS printer, but the EPS Translator bundled with Becasso also uses it to allow opening (E)PS images in any application in the BeOS - including Becasso, so you can pixel-edit (E)PS files on the BeOS. It is available here.
November 13, 2000
Summon is now at version 0.8 and is still available for both PPC and x86 architectures.
September 15, 2000
Sum Software released Eve today, a collection of two add-ons for Adamation's discontinued email package Adam. Eve contains an attachment viewer (showing images directly in the email window) annex sound file player (including MIDI files), and an HTML email reader add-on. Eve is freeware and is available from BeBits.
March 27, 2000
The Wacom tablet driver included with Becasso has been extended to include Graphire support, and has been made available as a separate free download from BeBits. The driver now supports serial tablets from the PenPartner, UltraPad, and Graphire series.
March 21, 2000
Today, Sum Software released MenuKey, a Tracker add-on which opens a Terminal in the selected folder. MenuKey is public domain and is available from BeBits. There is another add-on based on MenuKey available here.
November 16, 1999
Today, Sum Software released Becasso 1.4. Apart from bug fixes, new features, new add-ons, and user interface improvements, there now are French and German interfaces as well as default English. Becasso 1.4 continues to be priced at $39, including further 1.x updates.
August 26, 1999
Today, Sum Software released Summon 0.1. Summon is a simple Tracker add-on that opens a Terminal with its current directory set to the directory displayed in the Tracker window it was called from. Summon is freeware and can be downloaded from this web site.
March 16, 1999
Today, Sum Software released Surgeon 0.9. Surgeon now has a field for ICQ numbers, and comes with mkpeople, a small command line utility for generating Person files from a list of name/email address pairs. mkpeople comes with source.
February 1, 1999
Today, Sum Software released Becasso 1.3. Apart from new features and greatly improved speed (with MMXTM enhancements), Becasso has been updated for BeOS R4.
November 16, 1998
The San Francisco Zeum uses a custom version of Becasso 1.2 with special scripting support in their hands-on multimedia production lab. The lab is a great success and in these first few days after the opening, already 3000 kids have used the custom hardware/software combo (software by Adamation) to create and webcast multimedia presentations.
November 2, 1998
The English PC Magazine PC Plus reviews Becasso 1.1 . They give it 7/10 (read the full review), but please note that there are some errors in the article. Most notably, of course it is possible to apply add-ons to only a selected part of a layer, and Becasso certainly does not lack a "Magic Wand" tool. It is simply the Fill Tool in selection mode.
October 5, 1998
Becasso 1.1 recieves a very positive review in the October issue of the Japanese MacPower magazine.
August 1, 1998
Sum Software has released Becasso 1.1! Becasso is the first paint application available for the BeOS on Intel.
July 25, 1998
Today, Sum Software has released a new version of Surgeon. Upon request, Surgeon has been ported over to the Intel Architecture, as well as receiving some updates in its feature set. Maybe not a huge improvement over the People application included with the BeOS, but it's free, so why don't you check it out?
July 6, 1998
Apologies for the lack of updates, but we have been working very hard on getting Becasso 1.1 done. So, to put an end to all the rumours: Becasso 1.1 runs on Intel. This is not the only addition over 1.0 though, as there are many new features (including channel operations, smart selecting, several new add-ons, etc.)

Watch this space for an announcement soon.

March 19, 1998
Adamation and Sum Software announced a publishing deal at the March Be Developers Conference. As a preview of the future integration between our products, the Adamation demo at the BeDC keynotes featured a seamless integration of libsupermedia/mplay, grabbing a frame from a QuickTime movie and putting it on the clipboard, ImageElements detecting that, feeding the image through a network which ended in a 'Becasso Output' element that launched Becasso and sent it the image.
March 8, 1998

Becasso was reviewed in the French "alternative computing" magazine Dream, and received quatre étoiles!

"Il demeure rapide, convivial et... abordable. Un futur Photoshop? Sans aucun doute." - C. Morvant
March 1, 1998
Launched redesigned web site, featuring information about the upcoming Becasso 1.1 release, and a few tutorials.