About Sum Software

Sum Software was a Dutch software company focusing on the BeOS™.

Registered Be developer #E-1386 since June 1996, and registered under number 10063064 of the Kamer van Koophandel Centraal Gelderland, The Netherlands, since 1997, Sum Software was one of the very first European companies to fully embrace the BeOS. Sum Software remained active until 2002.
This web site is kept alive to provide the (remaining) BeOS community with information about the Sum Software products.

Founder and CEO Sander Stoks studied physics at the university of Nijmegen, graduated in a computational physics subject on image processing, and has a strong computing background dating back to a ZX81. He currently designs software for electron microscopes, with a focus on image acquisition, processing, and display.

About Our Logo

Featuring the Be colors in a prominent way, our logo stressed our commitment to the BeOS. 'Sum' is Latin for 'I am', thereby responding to 'Be'. The Greek capital Sigma is not only the first letter of the founders name, it is also the mathematical symbol for 'sum'. Finally, the letters sum are set in the typeface Dutch 801 Italic, to symbolize our nationality.