Sander R.M. Stoks


Methods to Correct Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence Distributions for Local Nonuniform Laser Attenuation with Genie G.M. Stoffels, Nico Dam, and J.J. ter Meulen, Applied Optics, Vol. 39, Issue 30, pp. 5547-5559 (2000)
Syntactic Aspartame - Recreational Operator Overloading (published in C/C++ Users Journal, Feb. 2006)
Why C# is not my favorite programming language
Implementing a lock keyword in C++
Picky Friendship: Access Control in C++
Stuur dit door naar al je vrienden! (Dutch)
The Magnification Myth with Bas Groen, Microscopy Today Vol. 15, Issue 3, p. 50 (2007)
My book: Computer Programming: An Introduction for the Scientifically Inclined (now available!)
Music (Dutch)


US 7,906,762: "Compact Scanning Electron Microscope"
EP 2 024 732 B1: "User Interface for an Electron Microscope"
US 8,653,457 B2: "Spectroscopy Technique using Merged Spectral Data"
EP 2 605 005 A1: "Clustering of Multi-Modal Data"
(Several pending)


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